Butterfly d’Moonlight Strategy Highlights!

With the release of Butterfly d’Moonlight, 4 Clans have now got new powerful cards to update and change up their strategies whilst moving into the new multi-attack meta! From Nightrose to Scharhrot Vampir, Multiple attack strategies are dominating. Will you keep up? Or get left behind?

Hey guys! Alfie here.

With the release of Butterfly d’Moonlight coming up this weekend we’re excited to see what decks are played in-store with the new support! I’ll be breaking down some of the main new deck profiles for the new support cards for Nightrose, Scharhrot, Yasuie and Harri. These are exciting and fast paced times for Vanguard as we move extremely quickly into the now dominating multi-attack metagame.

Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose

Before the release of this set, Granblue were a protect powerhouse. Though rarely seen since ‘My Glorious Justice,’ Granblue is back with a vengeance. Packing more than just ‘Violence Flanger’ (since it was banned), the clan now has the ability to selectively “mill” and superior call during the battle phase with Nightrose’s specific new abilities. Though Granblue isn’t lacking In power and draw, Nightrose now transforms the clan and shapes them up for the modern meta with an aggressive playstyle that rewards consistent attacks compared to large ones from ‘Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus’ and ‘Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon’. Not to mention with Violence Flanger gone, Granblue now have a stable (if somewhat basic) win condition… beat your opponents down!

Deck Profile

Grade 0 x17
x1 Undying Departed, Grenache 
x4 Rampage Shade (CT/S)
x4 Knight Spirit (CT)
x4 Rough Seas Banshee (CT)
x4 Good Luck Charm Banshee (HT)

Grande 1 x15
x4 Dancing Cutlass
x4 Ripple Banshee
x4 Tommy the Ghostie Brothers
x3 Witch Doctor of Powdered Bone, Negrobone

Grade 2 x12
x4 Greed Shade
x4 Pirate Swordsman, Colombard
x2 Captain Nightmist
x2 Thin-mist Banshee

Grade 3 x6
x4 Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose (Protect)
x2 Dragon Undead, Skull Dragon (Protect)

– Credit: Overlordthereborn.blogspot.com –

The main plan for Granblue has changed from milling a vast amount of cards (which often led you prone to decking out) to selectively milling powerful cards to superior call during the battle phase. Despite the switch-up in how this clan plays, the strategy is fairly straightforward. 12 Critical triggers offers great attack potential and the combination of consistency through ‘Greed Shade’ and ‘Tommy the Ghostie Brothers’ allows you to find Nightrose and your power pieces swiftly and efficiently in order to bring the game to a close early, rather than dragging the games out through superior draw power like Cocytus. ‘Ripple Banshee’ remains as a great superior call target, activated to draw and then retired to be used again in the next turn, giving Nightrose the potential to build a strong hand as well as beating your opponents down.

Scharhrot Vampir

Contrary to what I was led to believe, Dark Irregulars used to be a very offense heavy clan in the older formats. With the advent of V Series they were given the Protect Imaginary Gift and made significantly weaker offensively and have suffered from it ever since, perhaps arguably being an unplayable clan (in my evaluation) due to how weak they were, especially after the ban of ‘Variants Hardleg’. Dark Irregulars are now a force to be reckoned with now that ‘Scharhrot Vampir’ is here (I still can’t say his name right…), combining the mighty Soul charging abilities of previous and new cards coupled with an older card that went unused for a while, ‘Scharhrot Vampir’ offers powerful multi-attacks and depending on board state – Amazing draw power to build up a defensive turn following an onslaught of heavy-hitting, restanding attacks.

Deck Profile

Grade 0 x17
x1 Werfleder Ordonnaz 
x4 Dark Knight of Nightmareland (CT)
x4 One-eyed Succubus (CT/S)
x4 Werluchs Gefreiter (CT)
x4 Alice of Nightmareland (HT)

Grade 1 x15
x4 Succubus of Pure Love
x4 Variants Killertail
x4 Yellow Bolt
x3 Alluring Succubus

Grade 2 x8
x4 Demonted Executioner
x4 Emblem Master

Grade 3 x10
x4 Number of Terror (Protect)
x4 Scharhrot Vampir (Protect)
x2 Hope on Damp (Protect)

– Credit: Overlordthereborn.blogspot.com –

While similar to Granblue as the gameplan hasn’t changed entirely, Dark Irregulars now incorporates some now powerful cards and counter charge capabilities to keep the multi-attacks coming. Obviously, the main strategy is to soul charge up to 13, so ‘Scharhrot Vampir’ can be used to it’s maximum potential. ‘Emblem Master’ is a must have for this deck as it allows you to put playsets of game pieces into soul and build that soul count high swiftly. One of the primary targets is ‘Variants Killertail’, Giving you access to in my opinion, the best counter charge in the game right now. Allowing you to replenish your counterblast if you spend it too quickly or want to utilize Protect 1 to keep your damage low against decks like Alter-Ego Messiah. ‘Number of Terror’ is the primary target for restanding as its ability to get +10K coupled with an additional +10K from Scharhrot’s Skill lets it easily become a huge beater, on top of the fact that it can put a rear guard into soul to draw 2 additional cards upon each attack. It’s clear to see why this card has become a favourite for this deck. The rest of the cards are either high value, consistency or restriction pieces in order to help you get the edge on your opponents by putting them in an awkward position from the get-go.

Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie

A new Demonic force enters the arena in the form of Yasuie, and he is one powerful card. Since HYU-GA has fallen from the meta, Murakumo needed something new to bring them back up to the top tier and introduce even more consistency into their stategies. Yasuie offers possibly the best cloning mechanic yet for Murakumo alongside a superior ride mechanic with the RRR counterpart. This new cloning technique allows you to recycle targets from the Drop Zone too, allowing you to override naming and superior call the now restricted ‘Fantasy Petal, Shirayuki’ repeatedly to cripple your opponent’s ability to guard effectively. Combine this with the new superior calling support cards for Yasuie and the consistency pieces built into the archetype and you have a powerful board state that replenishes itself if removed.

Deck Profile

Grade 0 x17
x1 Stealth Dragon, Adoba Spike (SV)
x4 Fox Tamer, Izuna (FT)
x4 Stealth Beast, Ahead Panther (FT)
x4 Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage (DT/PG)
x4 Stealth Fiend, Bamboo Fox (HT)

Grade 1 x12
x4 Gateway Stealth Rogue, Ataka
x4 Stealth Fiend, Rainy Madame
x4 Wisteria Flower Stealth Rogue, Takehime

Grade 2 x8
x4 Stealth Dragon, Midoro Pyro
x4 Unmasked Stealth Rogue, Awazu

Grade 3 x13
x4 Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Yasuie Tenma (Accel)
x4 Stealth Fiend, One-Eyed Nyudo (Accel)
x4 Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie (Accel)
x1 Fantasy Petal Storm, Shirayuki (Accel)

– Credit: Overlordthereborn.blogspot.com –

This deck focuses around superior calling Shirayuki as much as possible and powering up Rear Guards much like every other Murakumo deck (shocking, I know). The difference here, however, is the excellent consistency and draw power thanks to ‘Stealth Fiend, One-Eyed Nyudo’. Being able to tutor from Drop Zone as well gives you many ways to Soul Blast important combo pieces to then refill your board with. Couple that with the superior ride capability and the 8 Front triggers in the deck you are practically guaranteed to boost your field over the edge every turn and make it even harder to guard your many, many attacks – especially after Shirayuki has reduced their power by 5k.

Masked Magician, Harri

Harri is returning to Cardfight: Vanguard!! and brings Pale Moon a new, unique mechanic pertaining to Imaginary Gifts. Harri’s primary ability turns the additional rear guard circles you acquire from the Accel Imaginary Gifts into ‘the stage’ for the entire fight. Any additional Accel markers essentially stack onto any existing ones, akin to Force markers, and make the extra rear guard placed on that circle super powerful! Not to mention Harri can also superior call cards from the soul ensuring you have a massive board state regardless, so the Stage isn’t a liability.

Deck Profile

Grade 0 x17
x1 Happiness Collector (SV)
x4 Dynamite Juggler (CT)
x4 Poison Juggler (CT)
x4 Hades Hypnotist (DT/PG)
x4 Tender Breeder (HT)

Grade 1 x12
x4 Magia Doll, Darkside Mirror Master
x4 Magia Doll, Flying Peryton
x4 Masquerade Bunny

Grade 2 x14
x4 Lore Pigeon, Pop
x4 Magia Doll, Prana
x3 Card Dealer, Jacqueline
x3 Magia Doll, Lunatec Dragon

Grade 3 x5
x4 Masked Magician, Harri (Accel)
x1 Silver Thorn Beast Tamer, Doriane (Accel)

Grade 4 x2
x2 Starry Pop Dragon

– Credit: Overlordthereborn.blogspot.com –

The main plan for this deck relies on building the Stage circle high and utilizing the superior call potential of Harri to keep Magia Doll units on the board and attacking swiftly and efficiently. All Magia Doll units power themselves up and Harri creates a synergistic board state that allows you to fill up your soul efficiently and power up your board enough to compete with Force clans! Magia Dolls allow themselves to be used to guard and then go into soul upon being retired from the Guardian circle, guaranteeing that Harri has targets to superior call. The deck’s primary finisher is ‘Starry Pop Dragon’, a MASSIVE Grade 4 unit that can also help to power up the stage for a final push, or if you’ve struggled to re-ride Harri over and over. Throughout all this Accel efficiency there are also removal aspects built in that allow the deck to contend with and remove threats that otherwise can’t be dealt with easily, allowing you to focus all your attacks at your opponent’s Vanguard for maximum pressure.

Overall this set packs a ton of value and upgrade potential for all clans included and that isn’t just limited to the new VR inclusions! ‘Covert Demonic Dragon, Mandala Lord’, Nightmist and other units from past sets get powered up and allow you to build these decks in multiple new creative ways, including powering up existing VRs and pushing them close to the new Meta standard. Whilst this new multi-attack meta is shaping up to be rather brutal and unforgiving to weaker clans, these new upgrades are in line with the new gold standard. Expect to see these decks quite frequently in your upcoming games (Especially Granblue… I can’t promise I’ll be merciful when stealing your treasure)!

Thanks for reading!

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