Casual Events Starting Back Up Saturday 11th July!

We have made the decision from this Saturday to start to run casual events again at a very cut down capacity with safety precautions in place. We have noted some FAQ’s below please read these as they give you a lot of important information and we ask that these rules are followed to keep customers and staff safe at all time.

What precautions do you have in place?

1) Capacity cut from 70 players to 20 players to allow for social distancing while playing.

2) When playing we ask that you do not swap tables and stay on your original table.

3) We will have loads of hand gel throughout the store for customers to use we ask that you use this on regular intervals. We also ask were possible you wash your hands on a regular basis

4) All tables and chairs will be wiped down after every use. and the shop thoroughly cleaned every night.

5) Face masks must be worn in store unless sat down eating or drinking. If you do not have one we have them for 50p

6) As stated above we are making sure that when playing you are a safe social distance between other players.

7) We also ask that the one way system is followed were possible.

8) Do not touch other players cards, this means no cutting or going through other players folders.

9) If you have a temperature or feel ill do not attend the store

10) When you come and play in store we will ask you to sign in and give us your details this will include Name and contact phone number these will be kept on record for 21 days and then destroyed. This is part of the governments track and trace system and as a store we must follow these rules.

Will the cafe be open?
We will not be serving hot food for the next few weeks as we want time to get the events side running smoothly and safely.
We will however still be serving hot drinks, cold drinks and loads of snacks.

How can i guarantee i get a spot on a certain day?
We are in the middle of getting a booking system added to our website, but this may not be up for the weekend. We would suggest messaging the page to book spaces. You are welcome to come down and see if there is space, but if we are above our safe capacity we will be unable to seat you. Please note as always we will not charge for seating and you are welcome to play as long as you want, but we still ask if you could support us by buying food and drink or product while in store as this is what keeps us open.

Will you be giving certain games certain days and will opening hours be different?
Yes we have broken down the week into games to make sure all games get time to use the play space. You are still welcome to message to come down to play on other days, but priority booking will go to the games that are on those days.

Saturday 11am-6pm (MTG, Bushiroad & Dragonball)
Sunday 12pm-6pm (MTG Commander, Yu-Gi-Oh & Pokemon)
Monday 12pm-7pm (All Games)
Tuesday 12pm-9pm (Bushiroad & Dragonball)
Wednesday 12pm-9pm (MTG Commander)
Thursday 12pm-9pm (Yu-Gi-Oh & Pokemon)
Friday 12pm-10pm (FNM Commander/all formats

When will organised tournaments restart?
At the moment we are unsure when we can bring organised play tournaments back due to the complexity of players moving around and playing other opponents. We are looking at this and will update once we have more information.

When will D&D restart?
Again we are working on this and will update when we have more information.

As always if you have any questions please message us and we will be happy to help you. Once again we thank you for all your support you have all been amazing and we look forward to seeing you to play some games.

Many Thanks
Top Deck Inn Team