Commander Legends Highlights!

Commander legends is out today! We are super excited to see how this changes up strategies in our massive local commander scene. From new Planeswalkers to partners to some great high value reprints! There is an abundance of new spells for all colours and all commanders! Here are some of our highlights!

Hey guys! Alfie here once again with a set of highlights and cards to look out for when you purchase Commander Legends! By now I’m sure most of you veteran players have seen the spoilers and are already planning on what singles you’ll be ordering from our collection! Make sure to keep up with what we have in stock for when Commander Legends releases as we will be stocking a huge number of singles of all values.


What is there to say about some of the powerful artifacts in this set that hasn’t been said already by a million other players. Quite possibly, This set has spawned one of the most controversial cards in recent memory. (In terms of opinion!) Whilst the amazing copying card ‘Rings of Brighthearth’ has been reprinted for those wishing to pick up a copy of a once rather hard to find and expensive card. Coupled with the fact Zendikar Rising has just had an equally powerful copy-esque artifact in ‘Lithoform Engine’, the possibilities for heavy combos involving those two cards paired together is enormous. Commander’s plate is my personal favourite. A huge boon to mono-coloured voltron style commander strategies that completely shut down entire sections of the colour pie that are attempting to shut your heavily equipped and enchanted commander. Slap a cheaper equip cost and +3/+3 alongside that for a 1 mana equipment and you have a new staple card for Voltron strategies. A mandatory inclusion especially if your commander has a consistent high value engine on-board.

And so we get to the controversial pick, Jewelled lotus. Or as I like to say, Black Lotus. Whilst this card has OBVIOUS use in pretty much every deck, there is a hefty debate on whether it’s worth it’s current pre-order price of £60+ depending on the printing. We think this card is amazing, but will it enable the turn 1 wins that it is capable of consistently enough to be banned? Time will tell. Needless to say that this card is on the rules committees’ watchlist for future rulings.


White has got quite a boost in the form of cards that focus on the returning Monarch mechanic, alongside some great equipment and aura support cards. White has received a well rounded bulk of cards in this set. Giving the colour new strategies and cards to support existing strategies with higher consistency pieces. Two of those that are must-haves for anyone building around the new equipment and aura support for Voltron and equipment strategies are Armoured Skyhunter, and Open the Armoury. If you weren’t around during the 2016 release of Shadows over Innistrad, Open the Armoury is a great card for tutoring out essential equipment pieces like the new Commander’s plate or other great cards like Argentum armour. Whilst this card is great, It doesn’t offer much protection. This is where Armoured Skyhunter comes in, with it’s evasive 3/3 body whilst also checking top 6 for an aura or equipment; this card is a powerhouse staple for equipment/aura strategies. White likes evasive creatures and having a card that can buff itself with it’s own ability whilst attacking, generating continuous value? Whilst also searching over and over to find the right gear for your commander or other big boss creatures? Say no more.

The Monarch mechanic is one of white’s more underutilized but powerful mechanics. This set brings monarch back with interesting new and powerful applications for the Mechanic to leverage a win over your opponents or wrench the crown from their head and onto yours. In theme with this returnining mechanic, Archon of Coronation brings the crown to you whilst also offering a great upside whilst you remain the monarch.


The red side of the colour pie has gained some really interesting cards that builds on the strengths of the colour. However, there is also some great cards to combo with in dual colours like Boros and triple colours like Mardu and Grixis. The first card I’d like to spotlight is Port Razer. The greatest thing about red is the fact it goes traditionally with a ‘Go-wide’ strategy when it comes to creature combat. Usually In commander boardwipes tend to prevent that strategy staying into the late game, but this card means you won’t need to get to that late game! Going wide and spreading the combat damage over multiple same turn combat phases to all your opponents can bring a game into the rush phase early. Easily spiking the value of cards like Armoured Skyhunter if combined in Boros due to the repeated untaps of ALL creatures. This alongside Morag, Fury of Akoum guarantees a combat death to all your opponents.

Hellkite Courser is a combo/flicker card if we’ve ever seen one. In red? Fancy that. This card allows you to trigger your commander’s ETB abilities and any tap effects that may change the tide of a game when itself enters. It safely returns your commander back to it’s zone once the turn is over, so there is no need to worry about it being removed early. This card can help you cheat out high cost commanders or ones with too high a commander tax on them to trigger their abilities for free. Or.. you can throw them straight into combat and hopefully score commander damage with them! A multiple use card that works well with copy affects and ways to abuse ETB effects.


Vampiric tutor needs little introduction or explanation for why this is one of the go to chase cards in this set. Finally a reprint to help drive the price of the most powerful tutor down. I expect this will hold a high value still, but not in the realms of the stratosphere.

Court of ambition is my favourite ‘cycle’ card for the Monarch mechanic in this set. This card offers powerful hand and life pressure whilst wrenching the monarchy from your opponents. In precarious situations and against colours that have little enchantment removal this card can dominate at low life situations where your opponent has to weigh card advantage against their life total. And who doesn’t like forcing their opponents into horrible choices?

And now we arrive at quite possibly the most unique and gorgeously devilish Planeswalker Commander In recent Magic: The Gathering history. This Planeswalker has partner, can be your commander, can protect itself with thrulls and continual generation of card advantage through it’s +1 which is also a sacrifice outlet. And it’s ungodly ultimate ability to steal your opponent’s commanders, which will trigger ETB effects for you! What a card! Tevash Szat is an eldritch horror that will rival the even the Eldrazi in power! Well.. Maybe not but it’ll sure make a damn fine addition to any black deck that cares about sacrifice and decks that can leverage it’s powerful ultimate with counter doubling effects like doubling season.


Green has got some hilarious shenanigans cards In the form of Apex Devastator but undeniable power in the form of Reshape the earth and Court of Bounty. Whilst there are many other great green cards these three are some of the more interesting and potentially broken cards if you can cheat them out or find a way to combo of in multi-coloured decks. Court of bounty offers immense early game advantage, acting as another exploration effect whilst additionally giving you the ability to ‘Show and tell’ a creature from hand onto the battlefield earlier. This realistically is the best Court card to run in any deck with green as it allows you to bypass the need to ramp high to cheat out massive game winning creatures early. Apex Devastator allows you to cascade.. Then cascade.. and again.. and once more for luck. This effect is absurd if cheated out early and paired with a library full of high value cards to work with. And if returned to the hand with a cyclonic rift or targeted bounce spell you can unleash the apex cascade effect once more for maximum hurt and maximum value. All while sitting atop a 10/10 body that is ripe to be given keywords to turn into a terrifying beater that needs to be dealt with.


Blue has remained as blue as blue can be with the release of Commander Legends, Tons of great tempo and combo cards alongside some great removal to take out those big threats in other colours. Amphin Mutineer is a great bit of creature removal akin to cards like Pongify but on a 3/3 creature with encore. Make sure you pick your targets wisely! This card can’t take down the Salamander Warrior token without sacrificing itself so removing a ‘bad’ target might leave you defenceless.

Mnemonic Deluge is one of the most powerful recursive spell cards that blue now has access to. Copying a card that’s already been utilized three times without cost is a great effect to work with. Giving you access to copying removal, bounce, draw, scry and any other spells you’ve spent trying to leverage an advantage. Whilst this spell’s CMC is high, It’s true value comes from selecting a good target to maximize it’s cost to value.

And now we get onto Sphinx of the Second Sun. I love and hate this card in tandem. Whilst I’m sure it feels great to resolve this beefy extra-beginning phase generating creature, I’m sure you’ll be disliked by your opponents as you untap all of your mana and generate more advantage with the new resources. There is so many great things this card enables after your post-combat main phase, allowing you to set up defensive plays to keep your opponents on their toes as you pass turn, to end of turn shenanigans that couldn’t be achieved without having all that freshly untapped mana. This card rewards creative play and equally devious deck construction. So.. blue in a nutshell. I hope I’ll never have to deal with the equivalent of a once-per-turn seedborne muse for Blue but we’ll see. Did I mention it had flying? And was a 6/6 creature? That too.

Overall, Commander Legends is an absolutely amazing set that’s going to shape the format. There are way more power cards here that weren’t covered. Like the reprint of Mana Drain, Phyrexian Trinoform, Krark the Thumbless and many more. What are you excited to open? What singles will you be buying? Let us know! Remember to check our online LilianaMarket singles shop for all the singles you need from Commander Legends to support us in these uncertain times. We really and wholeheartedly appreciate every single one of you for your ongoing support.