Digimon Card Game Coming To Top Deck Inn Soon!

Digimon Card Game Details!

We have placed our initial order for the English Language Digimon TCG and as an official Bandai tournament store we are able to sell the new stuff 2 month before it’s initial release. Please note once our initial stock allocation is gone we will not be getting any more until the official release so please message us or let us know when in store if you would like us to reserve anything.

Super Pre-Release 27th November 2020 (When we will have initial stock)
Regular release date January 29th 2021

Digimon Card Game – Release Special Booster Display Ver.1.0 (BT01-03) £79.95 Each

Digimon Starter Deck Blue, Red or Yellow £11.99 Each

Released February 2021 (This is not available at pre-release)

Digimon Card Game – Release Special Booster Display Ver.1.5 (BT01-03) £79.95 Each

Both booster boxes contain cards from the 1st 3 sets that have already been released in Japan.

Please note these will be going up on the website for pre-order for the official release date in January only. You will only be able to purchase the product early (from November 27th) in store. And again the amount we have from November 27th is limited and if we run out we will most likely not get anymore until the official release in January.