Magic, Gathering and Spell-slinging at Top Deck Inn!

Hello Again!! 

  By Alfie Ashpole

Hello Magic Players! It has been a while since we’ve had all of you at the store. Playing lands.. Countering spells and being the amazing people you are. I’m sure we’ll all be back playing together again sooner than later so there’s no need to worry! Especially with all the upcoming releases that cover a vast amount of your favourite formats!

Let’s quickly talk about the store and the fact that.. We’re open again! That’s right! You can come down and purchase all of your favourite accessories and products like the good old times! Well.. not exactly. We’ve implemented social distancing rules and a one way system in the store so we can keep you safe whilst still being able to provide you with all the great products you love. We’re also continually monitoring the Governmental advice for any changes, so we can assess when we can start running tournaments and allowing play in our store once more. So please stay tuned to the Facebook page and here for updates!

The Top Deck Inn online shop

That’s right! We’ve got an Online shop now! This is a great way for you to order your favourite products from us without having to come down to the store. We’ll be listing our pre-orders for new products on here too! So keep an eye out if you want to secure a product you want! We’ll be shipping products across the country as well so if you live further away don’t worry! You’ll be able to grab your favourite stuff too.

Upcoming Sets & Products

With the release of Ikoria: Lair of the Behemoths, The first set released during lockdown, We’ve been really happy that we were able to get you all your pre-release kits and boxes without any issues. We’ll be continuing this process as the weeks move forward with the upcoming release of Core 2021 and the new Jump-Start set. Core 2021 is looking to be an absolute blast of a set with cards that will find a home in a ton of formats! Reprints are abound and these reprints look to be setting up the future of standard. With power cards like Ugin, The Spirit Dragon, Basri Ket, Barrin, Tolarian Archmage, Massacre Wurm and many more great cards becoming standard legal, The format is shaping up to be quite exciting! Not to mention the sheer value of these reprints for eternal formats like Modern and Commander. 

With Core 2021 we will be selling bundles, Planeswalker Decks and boxes. The buy-a-box promo being the absolutely gorgeous and adorable Rin and Seri, Inseparable. This Promo builds on the Cats and Dogs tribal theme of Core 2021, offering a great new commander choice in gorgeous extended art.

Some old mechanics return in Core 2021, one in particular being Phasing. Many players know this mechanic from powerful cards like Teferi’s protection but this is the first time this powerful mechanic has had a standard set printing since Weatherlight. So we’re all excited and afraid of what this mechanic can do in standard! 

The Term “Mill” has been now canonised as a Keyword in Magic: The Gathering. I’m sure you’re all familiar with milling but if you’re not: Milling is now referencing making your opponent discard cards from the top of their libraries. So in future any cards that do this are bound to have the new keyword associated with them.

Jump Start

Jump start is a new product for players who want a quick magic experience that doesn’t include deck-building. These boosters share key themes that balance out against each other and are ideal to play against one another. This set shares a lot of cards with Core 2021 and is another great way to play Magic!

We will be stocking these boosters for people to buy and draft to play against each other. So keep an eye out for this new one of a kind product!

Double Masters

This is a big one. Double Masters is the continuation of the “Masters” series of products that bring reprints that you need to play your favourite formats.. Although this set has something special going for it. Double the rares, double the power.

That’s right. Double Masters has two rare or mythic slots in each booster. I’m sure many of you have seen the spoilers for the set being leaked online and we’re super excited. Blightsteel Colossus, Doubling season and many in-demand cards for eternal formats that have climbed and skyrocketed in price over the years. This is a great product for people who are looking for these cards. Not to mention the purchase of each box comes with the re-introduced box topper. Containing an alternate foil card from the set. 

We’ll be stocking and selling this product as boxes and individual boosters for you to buy and stock up on your reprints! Make sure you check the website and place your pre-order if you want to secure this product.

Final Words

Overall we’ve got a ton of great stuff lined up for Magic: The Gathering. And hopefully we’ll soon be able to run tournaments and allow you all back into the store. We long for the time where we can have you all back and enjoy the game with us, Meeting friends and playing the game we all love.

We hope to see you soon!



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