Magic: The Gathering Jump-Start released!

Jumpstart is a new way to play Magic that mashes together themes from throughout the history of the game and lets you skip the deckbuilding part. If you can’t wait to have Pirates head into battle with Unicorns, smash two boosters together and ride on. If you absolutely must merge the greatest evils in the multiverse together, Cats and Phyrexian packs are waiting for you.

Jumpstart takes the best parts of Limited and Constructed Magic and fuses them into a dynamic, innovative play experience.

Hey all! Alfie here,

We’re super excited that Jump-start has finally been released after numerous delays. It’s finally in store and available for purchase so you can experience the great gameplay and pack some of those amazing reprints in the set. Today we’ll be covering some of the key cards to look out for in the set itself, alongside some gameplay experience when playing “Decks” against one another and the price of each jumpstart box.

Jump-Start Decks & Gameplay

There are some fantastically unique decks contained within each booster of Jump-start and each deck is uniquely themed and crafted around a specific archetypal mechanic. Whilst you could open 2 decks with the same “Name” and archetype that’s no guarantee they’ll be the same! Each deck has variations in construction and allow for different play experiences each time you pick them up.

But what is this all for anyway?

Jump-Start was designed as a great entry point for new players and veterans to experience a new type of Draft format with preconstructed decks akin to Keyforge or other “Smash-up” style games. With the ability to purchase 2 packs at random, smash them up into a multi-coloured deck and being able to play straight away, Jump-Start is a great diving platform to experiment in what it’s like to play in a limited or sealed environment. Not to mention, each booster box of Jump-Start is essentially.. A Magic: The Gathering board game. Fully self contained and able to be replayed endlessly forever. It’s almost a replacement for the old Magic: The Gathering game night boxes, but with more value in the box contained in essential and in-demand reprints of powerful cards.

Reprints & Powerful Cards

There are some fantastic reprints in this set, cards that are useful in all formats from standard, commander, modern and others. Cards like Craterhoof behemoth have defined green commander decks, whilst utility cards like reanimate make a reappearance after becoming a notably expensive sorcery. Powerful legendries join the arsenal of creatures you can play to support existing archetypes or power up new ones. “Bruvac the grandiloquent” is an awesome card to really push mill into a dominant staple powerhouse archetype for commander. Exquisite blood makes a return and allows people to get access to a card that’s used in one of the most powerful game-ending mono black combos, alongside the black Praetor Sheoldred, Whispering one.

This set isn’t just limited to these cards though! If you want a full decklist breakdown of decks you can find in these booster packs check out the official
Wizards of the Coast breakdown here:

Let us know what your Jump-Start experience was like! Did you pull any of the great reprints? Let us know!

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