Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Rising product overview!

Zendikar has suffered enough. It is time, at last, for my home to know peace. – Nahiri

Hey guys! Alfie here!

It’s not long now till’ Zendikar releases on our store shelves and we are super excited.

It’s been 5 whole years since Battle for Zendikar. Our last expedition into the hedron filled homeland of Nahiri and with this new release comes a new type of booster and a host of awesome new cards. Ranging from full-art to actual art cards! These are great for collectors and players alike.

Looking to bling out your latest deck? Zendikar Rising has it all. Make sure to check out our YouTube channel for some upcoming box openings that will be going straight into our massive singles collection. If you’re looking for standard format power, Commander staples or cards to bling out your favourite decks make sure you check our collection in-store.

Set Boosters

Set boosters are the newest form of product for Magic: the Gathering that will be launching on release day. These packs/boxes are designed for people who don’t care about the limited format experience and just want to crack packs! (I mean hey, Who doesn’t?)

Set boosters are slightly different to the traditional booster or, “Draft Booster” (This name has been changed going forward) as they contain higher chances to contain multiple rares, mythics and cards from a curated list from throughout Magic’s long history. The format of the Set Booster pack has also changed in contrast with Draft Booster packs.

Each Set Booster box also comes with an additional Box Topper that is packed with value! Want fetch lands? These are your ticket there!

As you can see the structure of what a Set Booster contains is slightly different from the traditional Draft Booster. Containing “Wildcard” rarities and art cards. What does this all mean though? What is a “Wildcard”? What is the “List”?

While the full breakdown of what a Set Booster contains and it’s specific breakdown of rarity distribution throughout the pack can be found by heading here: – The main rundown is that Wildcards, Head turners and the Token slot are designed to be slots to give players a greater chance at pulling some of those power cards from the set and throughout Magic’s history. When opening a pack of Zendikar Rising Set Boosters, 25% of the time the Token slot will be replaced with one of the many cards from the “List”. A curated list of powerful magic cards that are reprinted in a similar style to Mystery Boosters. Keeping their original printing border, frame and style whilst having the now legendary Planeswalker symbol in the bottom left of the card frame.

And yes, This means you could walk away with a maximum of 4 Mythic Rares in a single pack!!

The Wildcard and Headturner slots also contain some of the cards from common and above in the absolutely gorgeous alternate/full-art variants of cards from the set. Including but not limited to our favourite green snake.. Lotus Cobra..!

Theme Boosters

Theme boosters make a return from prior sets and are similar in every way.

Containing colour specific packs of 35 cards including a new and unique “Party Booster” Theme boosters are great for players who want to get some colour specific cards or players who are just looking for a casual “Pack opening” experience. Whilst they don’t contain the sheer value variation of Set and collector’s boosters. These products give you guaranteed commons and uncommons which will help old and new players alike help flesh out their decks.

Collector’s Boosters

Collector’s boosters are your standard big bling product for magic. Recently introduced these packs offer some of the finest and most gorgeous artwork and foiling Magic: the Gathering is known for. Each booster is fully foiled and contains some great power cards for every type of player.

Each booster box of Collector’s Boosters comes with 2 expedition box toppers to add to this amazing bling-fest. Containing some of the most sought after cards in their finest artwork and framing yet. Cards ranging from Cavern of Souls to Morhpic Pool and all the way to the full cycle of both enemy and ally fetch lands.

Zendikar Commander Decks

Instead of Planeswalker decks this release. Zendikar has something special that we hope will be carried forth into the future! Set specific Commander decks.

These decks are brand new and contain some awesomely powerful cards for you to use in existing decks or upgrade to access the full potential of the 2 new commanders. Coming in at a lower price-point than traditional commander decks these are great for new players to get straight into the format alongside veteran players who can plunder what Zendikar has to offer in order to power up their own machinations! Don’t be fooled however, whilst these decks come in at a lower price than your traditional once a year commander deck, these decks contain powerful cards and value that is almost impossible to resist snapping up!


Bundles return this set with some great value this release.

If you’re wanting to buy some of the new set but don’t want to buy a booster box? Bundles are a great option!

Bundles contain:

  • 10 Draft Boosters
  • 20 foil basic lands
  • 20 basic lands
  • 1 alt-art card
  • 1 oversized spindown
  • 1 card storage box

Our Webstore & Prices

Whew! If you made it this far well done! There’s so much on offer this time around for Zendikar and we are super hyped for what’s to come. If you are wondering how much each product will cost please check out our webstore for detailed prices on pre-orders and in-store pricing.

Don’t forget that in these uncertain times we offer shipping on all our product’s in the UK so if you feel like you want to explore Zendikar with us but can’t make it down to the store? Don’t worry! Top Deck Inn has you covered!