MTG Ikoria Pricing & Information


We having been working on pricing over the weekend for Ikoria and below you will find the prices for the new set.We know in this ever changing landscape we cannot guarantee what we will and won’t be allowed to do come May 15th, but we have some options available to make sure everyone gets their Ikoria products.

If we are able to, we will be running our usual pre-releases in store, but as you know that may not be possible and we have some options below to make sure we are ready if this is an eventuality.

Store is open, but we are unable to run tournaments.

Option 1: Store will be open and you can come collect from store, with the usual social distancing practices in place.

Option 2: Pre-pay Come to the store and we can load into your boot.

Store is Unable to open

Option 1: Drop of service within 15 miles of the store over the release weekend.

Option 2: Delivery service using a postal service. This may have a small fee attached depending on amount spent.

Pricing on all products

Booster Boxes w/ buy-a-box Promo £95
Collection Booster Box £209
Collection Boosters £22 Each or 3 for £60
Commander Decks £37.99 Each
All 5 Commander Decks £160.00
Theme Booster £6.99 Each
Bundle £37.99

Pre-Release kits

Pre-release kits will follow the normal Iron Man price structure, and no matter which way we end up doing it, for everyone who takes part or buys a kit you will get 2 more booster packs on top of a purchased kit or at the end of the tournament.

Pre Release Kit 1 + 2 Booster Packs £25
Pre Release Kit 2 + 2 Booster Packs £23
Pre Release Kit 3 + 2 Booster Packs £23
Pre Release Kit 4 + 2 Booster Packs £22
Pre Release Kit 5 + 2 Booster Packs £20

If you buy all 5 you will be paying £113

Please note!! the getting 2 free packs is for the first 162 players and this will finish after the release weekend.

We are doing all we can to make sure you are able to get all these amazing products at release. Please let us know what you would like ordering for you and we can get your name down.

We want to thank you again for the huge amount of support you have given us and we will do all we can to make sure we support you.

Stay Safe.