MTG Zendikar Rising Pre-Release Information

Welcome to our Zendikar Rising Pre Release

With whats going on in the world we have been asked will we be running pre-release for Zendikar Rising and the answer is yes. We will however be only allowing 24 players at each event and will only be doing 3 rounds. There will be no prize pool, but players will receive 2 pack at the end of the tournament on top of their kit.

I would rather not play. Is there still options for me?
Absolutely, as with the last few pre-releases you will be able to come in and purchase kits all weekend long to take home and do your own at home pre-release. You will also get to extra packs with your kit.

What is pre release?
Pre release is your first chance to play the new set in a fun sealed tournament. Pre releases are some of the most fun you can have playing magic and is a really chilled out astmosphere.

What do you get in a pre release kit?
In a pre release kit you get 6 booster packs, 1 foil stamped rare or mythic promo from the set, a spindown dice and all this comes in 1 box. Zendikar Rising kits content have not yet been confirmed we will update if any changes are made.

Do i need to bring anything with me?
No, we will supply the basic land you need.

When is Pre Release?
We will be running 5 events over the weekend of September 18th, 19th & 20th

Pre Release 1 (Friday 18th September @ 7pm)
Pre Release 2 (Saturday 19th September @ 10am)
Pre Release 3 (Saturday 19th September @ 3:30pm)
Pre Release 4 (Sunday 20th September @ 10am)
Pre Release 5 (Sunday 20th September @ 3:30pm)

How much will it cost?
As always we will be doing our iron man challenge were the more Pre Release you do the cheaper the next one is. If you do all 5 you will get maximum discount.

Pre Release 1 £25
Pre Release 2 £23
Pre Release 3 £23
Pre Release 4 £22
Pre Release 5 £20

If you do all 5 you will be paying £113 for the whole weekend.

Will I be able to buy any more Zendikar Rising products at Pre Release?
Yes you will be able to buy Booster Boxes and collector booster boxes. Price will be released closer to the Pre Release. From what we can see if you buy a booster box you will be given your usual buy-a-box promo and a free set booster pack.

Booster Box £97
Collector Booster Box £214.95 (limited availability at pre-release)

Do I have to Pre Book?
In the current climate you will need to book at our website to secure a place. If you are not attending, but would like kits please message the page and we will reserve these for you. There will also be some available to just walk in and purchase over the weekend.

You can book now at:

We do ask that all our COVID safe rules are followed while in store.

Facebook event pages are here: