Bushiroad Games

Bushiroad – Cardfight!! Vanguard & Weiss Schwarz

We are massive supporters of Bushiroad games including Cardfight!! Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz, with a massive selection of stock in store and online for both games.

What’s happening?
And when?

We run regular weekly tournaments for both games, and have large communies for both.

We also run a lot of special events like WS European League, Shop Challenges and Sneak Peeks.

Keep an eye on facebook for all the details on what’s going on with both our regular scheduled,  and special events.

Don’t know how to play?
We can help with that!

Ever fancied learning one of these games? Then every Tuesday afternoon is your chance, with sessions being led by a highly experienced player for both games.


2pm – Learn To Play
7pm – Cardfight!! Vanguard Standard Tournament
7pm – Weiss Schwarz Tournament

Saturday & Sunday

We host different events each week for both games including WS Euro League, Shop Tournaments and Sneak Peeks.