Weiss Schwarz: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Preview

Tournaments may currently be on hold due to the ongoing pandemic, but that doesn’t stop Bushiroad from releasing new products for everyone to enjoy! In the buildup to each of these products being released, I’m going to post a brief article showcasing notable strategies and standout individual cards.

‘Fujimi Fantasia Bunko’ is a unique series in that it features multiple titles released by the light novel publisher of the same name – this means you can use cards from popular titles such as ‘Date A Live’, ‘Is This a Zombie?’, and ‘Highschool DxD’ in the same deck (full list of titles here)!

Most of the successful deck lists for ‘Fujimi Fantasia Bunko’ tend to take advantage of the high cost, high power characters available by utilising 8 Standby trigger icons to play them without paying for their stock cost. These deck lists don’t offer too much as far as closing out a game goes, but they make up for that by generating a lot of tempo early into a game by winning the board, and having good options for staying alive at Level 3.

Fkz/W65-007   健康系アウトドア少女 トモノリ

Tomonori, Healthy Outdoor Girl

[C] For each of your other Back Row ::Fantasia Bunko:: and/or ::Ninja:: Characters, this gains +2500 Power.

‘Tomonori, Healthy Outdoor Girl’ is a perfect example of why this deck can build boards that are difficult for most other series to deal with. By simply having both of your back stage slots occupied, Tomonori will have 11500 power (before considering additional buffs), which makes reversing her a tall order.

To demonstrate how formidable this card is, we can compare it to the game plans of some other decks with established spikes in power at Level 2:

‘Love Live! Sunshine!!’ has a considerably strong Early Play package, strong enough to be heavily restricted in the Japanese Edition. You tends to sit at 10000 power while increasing Chika’s power to 12000 – each can be extended a further 1500 if the LSS player has an extra copy of the 2/1 Riko ready after clocking her for Chika’s condition.

While considerably less popular within the UK, there is a ‘Re:Zero’ deck list you can expect to run into at Regional level events that uses a 2/1 Felt to cheat out a 3/2 Felt while shuffling your Waiting Room into your deck. By leaving your Waiting Room empty, you also meet the condition for the Early Play Rem. Felt sits at 10500 power, and Rem starts at 9500 power but accumulates an additional 1000 for each marker it gains by reversing Character cards in battle. The 2/1 Emilia Assist can also add an extra 2000 power.

One recently released series in English Edition that is sure to be popular after its success in the Japanese Edition last year is ‘Goblin Slayer.’ The 3/2 Priestess in particular saw a lot of play in the UK’s Japanese Edition tournaments last year and is sure to see play in English Edition once sanctioned tournaments come back. Provided she successfully resolves her Climax Combo, Priestess typically attacks with 11500 power.

There are many other series with deck lists that make the most of their Standby triggers by running 2/2 Characters with high power. The peak of these Characters’ powers typically vary between 9500-11000, those on the lower end usually having solid extra effects such as Encore.

While Tomonori alone may be too small to win in battle versus some of these Characters, you can establish your board before your opponent has the opportunity to play these cards and prepare a counter to reverse them during your opponent’s turn. A more careful opponent might remember you searching for that counter or decide it’s not worth taking the risk – in those cases, when your turn comes around again you can use one of your Standby Climax cards to play the 3/2 Asia which increases Tomonori’s power by a further 1500-3000. It’s quite impressive how a single Character that typically enters the stage for no stock cost via a Climax card being placed or triggered can stand up to these formidable decks!

Fkz/W65-019   踏み込めない間合い

Impenetrable Interval

[Counter] Choose up to 2 of your Opponent’s Characters, and those Characters get -2 Soul for the turn. Send this to Memory.

As mentioned above, options for closing out a game may look considerably less impressive when compared to other series such as ‘Attack On Titan’ or ‘BanG Dream!’, but luckily there are some solid cards to help keep your opponent from winning, such as ‘Impenetrable Interval’.

In an ideal world your board will be established soon enough that you can start making up the loss in damage tempo from not having a +Soul Climax as early as possible, but in the scenarios where you’re a bit less fortunate and the damage race is a lot closer than you’d like, ‘Impenetrable Interval’ can be the difference between you winning or losing a game.

When playing with this deck you’ll find that once you manage to get the ball rolling you will rarely have to replace Characters on your stage. This means that you’ll end up with a lot of leftover resources to spend on some of the many Level 3 healers available, which in combination with ‘Impenetrable Interval’ can give your opponent a really hard time when they try to close out the game.

Fdy/W65-035   「勇者の遺物」を探す旅 ライナアンドフェリス

Laina & Dofiris, Traveling to Find “The Hero’s Remains”

[A] [Discard a card from your hand to the Waiting Room] When this is placed from hand to the Stage, you may pay the cost. If so, choose a Character in your Clock with ::Fantasia Bunko:: and/or ::Magic:: and return it to your hand, and put the top card of your Library in your Clock.

[A] When this attacks, look at up to 2 cards from the top of your Library, choose 1 from among them, put it on top of your Library, and put the remaining cards into your Waiting Room.

‘Laina & Dofiris, Traveling to Find “The Hero’s Remains”’ is a card that is often overlooked, but one that I’m personally a big fan of. The ability to grab a Character from your Clock may be rather underwhelming, but the cost offers a stock-free way to discard a Character you want to play by placing a Standby Climax in the Climax Area. 

On top of the hand fixing effect, this Character can improve your odds of triggering a Standby Climax with its other effect; it’s this part of the card that has me sold on it, as aggressively trying to trigger your Standby icons as early as possible and fielding multiple big beaters is the best way for this deck to snowball out of control later down the line.

Here is a sample deck list:

This list was piloted by local player Ed C. to win the UK’s 2019 WGP Qualifier! Click here for more details.

While I’ve singled out the Standby variant in this article for seeing the most success in the Japanese edition, it should be said that this booster has a lot of depth and there are some great options if Standby decks aren’t your style. Some players have mixed up the Climax Combos, added some interesting tech choices for a specific metagame, or used decks built to only use cards from their favourite title.

Both the Booster Pack and Trial Deck+ are out now, and you can buy them at Top Deck Inn!